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Thanksgiving is......

Giving of Thanks for All of you, our awesome friends and supporters of Hope House of Hospitality!  Because you cared and continued giving we NEVER CLOSED DURING THE PANDEMIC. Cancer Patients from all over our great state were able to come to Jackson and receive their treatment while safely enjoying the "home away from home" experience that your Giving provides. 

Our Christmas Wish List

Hope House of Hospitality is looking forward to a blessed and spiritual holiday season for our guests.  To help us celebrate a joyous Christmas and New Year, we’ve put together a Christmas “wish” list to share with you. FIRST —There is always need for money for operating costs.  We are a “just in time” ministry that doesn’t have a reserve, and the donations at Christmas time are a huge help throughout the year. SECOND — We have decided to replace the old wooden windows in our original house with more energy efficient vinyl ones.  The cost of each window is approximately $500.  If you would like to designate a gift to buy a window, that would be so appreciated! THIRD — We need to Fill pot holes and/or repave our driveway ALWAYS NEED the following items: Styrofoam plates and bowls Plastic, paper, or styrofoam drinking cups 8oz/12-16oz Plastic cutlery Cleaning supplies - bleach, Laundry Liquid/Pods, dryer sheets, Scrubbing Bubbles, sponges, etc. 13 & 55-gallon trash bags Indoor flood BR30-65 watt light bulbs Paper towels, toilet paper, dinner napkins, Kleenex/tissues Aluminum foil, freezer bags (quart and gallon) Air fresheners, Clorox wipes, Lysol spray Toiletries - toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc. Washcloths and bath towels Sheets — Twin & King bed sizes Throw rugs for bedside & bathroom Pillows, Coverlets, bedspreads, blankets, lap blankets, Ensure, Boost, Carnation Instant Breakfast, Coffee (ground) and Family-sized Tea Bags, coffee creamer and sugar, Pop tarts, cereal bars, Individual Pkgs grits/oatmeal, cereal (corn flakes, rice krispies, cheerios, raisin bran), Fresh Fruit, Baked goods - cakes, cookies, brownies, etc.

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