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Since our inception in 1985, Hope House of Hospitality has been providing a "home away from home" for Mississippi's cancer patients.

 The LORD delights in those who put their hope in his unfailing love.

-Psalm 147:11

There are many Mississippians who have been diagnosed with a serious disease and are in need of regular treatment in the Jackson area. The majority of these people do not live in the Jackson area but quickly find they must leave their homes throughout the state to receive chemo/radiation therapy, wound care, kidney, etc. in Jackson hospitals.  


Going through a life-altering event is difficult enough without having to be concerned about extensive hotel, food, laundry, and transportation costs. Once these are added to the picture, many people feel that they simply cannot afford to manage such a drastic financial undertaking. They worry that there is nothing they can do financially to receive the treatments they need. Hope House works closely with dedicated social workers throughout Jackson’s hospitals who regularly refer patients to stay in our facilities. These referrals happen in order to give these patients a sense of hope in the midst of their doubt. Hope House of Hospitality exists to help alleviate financial and emotional stress of cancer and other serious outpatient treatments by providing a free, warm and welcoming living environment with a genuine sense of home and community. 


Every new guest who arrives at Hope House is not only receiving complete living facilities for free, but they are also receiving an uplifting support system. No matter what walk of life or background our guests come from, they all find that they can relate to the season of life each are currently in, because many people outside of this tightly knit community simply do not know what it is like to go through such serious treatments for an extended period of time. Our friendly staff strives to meet the needs of every guest, but at the end of the day, it is the guests themselves who end up taking care of one another because of the genuine bonds they share. They can be found relaxing outside, swapping stories on the front porch rocking chairs, baking brownies or cookies, heading to the mall for an afternoon out, or spending time around the House laughing together and crying together. In some respects, they become like battle-hardened army friends who watch out for one another. The operation room “battle scars” and loss of hair soon become badges of honor. They create friendships that last long after their conflicts with cancer or other serious illness are over.


In order to provide such unique services and facilities, Hope House needs the help of donors, sponsors, and volunteers. We are a 501(c)3 Christian nonprofit, and we would not be able to provide our many services without local businesses, churches, and volunteers supporting our ministry.


Would you like to join the Hope House family either as a resident, by volunteering, or through sending a donation?  Head over to our Contact page to find out how! 

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