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  • Charles Kenny, President Board of Directors

A Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Dear friends of Hope House,

On behalf of our board of directors and staff of Hope House, I would like to say thanks for your support that keeps our doors open. We could not serve our guests without the army of volunteers that have served Hope House since opening in 1985. Some of you have served this ministry since the 80's and still volunteer your time and give financial support. Scripture says, do not despise small beginnings and we were confident this was God’s will to welcome all who needed shelter, food, transportation and laundry that would allow them to receive cancer treatments at local hospitals. Most of all, as always, we shared God’s love. We served 15 guests back then and today, in a much nicer facility, we serve approximately 28 guests. We have not turned away one guest this year due to bed space. Hope House has some special needs that need to be addressed. We have roof repairs that must be done, mainly in our phase two building. Our operating funds are low and as always we have transportation costs, food, utilities and salaries to pay. Wanda, Mia and Dana are the best of the best that serve Hope House, because they love serving our family every day. This is a special place, certainly a home away from home. Christmas is a wonderful time of joy brought into this world and His name is above all names, Jesus Christ. We do not celebrate the holiday, but celebrate the birth of our Savior born in Bethlehem. This Child was visited by shepherds and kings from foreign lands. How appropriate, in fulfillment of scripture, for our Heavenly King, who suffered and died for the sins of mankind, a free gift to all who will just believe.

Merry Christmas,

Mia, Danita and Wanda have decorated the tree and hung the wreaths.  Drop by and have a cup of coffee with our guests!

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